The Chestnut Brass Company


The Grammy-award winning Chestnut Brass Company has earned international acclaim for brilliant performances on modern and historical brass instruments. Since beginning as a street band in Philadelphia in 1977, they have performed in the North America, Europe, the Caribbean, and Asia.

The ensemble is active in the performance and commissioning of contemporary music, and has introduced numerous new works to audiences around the country. Composers who have written works for the Chestnut Brass Company, or have been commissioned by the Chestnut Brass Company, include Richard Wernick, Peter Schickele, Leslie Bassett, Eric Stokes, Theodore Antoniou, Jan Krzywicki, and Paul Basler. The quintet has received awards for commissioning and performance from the NEA, the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Chamber Music America and Meet the Composer.

As curators of the sounds of ancient and antique brasses, the Chestnut Brass Company has been at the forefront of the period-instrument revival with performances on cornetti, sacbuts, keyed bugles and saxhorns. The quintet continues to collect antique brass instruments and to research the literature and performance practice of these instruments. This extraordinary diversity of repertoire and instrumentation enables the Chestnut Brass Company to offer a variety of exciting, entertaining and innovative programs.

They can be heard on the Sony, Newport Classic, Crystal and Musical Heritage/Musicmasters labels. Selections from CBC recordings have been featured on several documentaries ranging from the upcoming A House Divided for PBS, to Pinehurst, the History of Golf.
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