Christopher Shaw


As a descendant of steamboat pilots, ôPathfinders,ö and other rustic archetypes of the Adirondack region of New York State, Christopher Shaw is steeped in the lore of the American Northeast. Shaw has done some steamboat piloting of his own, but it is in his professional role as a recording artist/performer that he carries forward the tradition of the great troubadour/storytellers who have enlivened parlors, taverns and roadsides since AmericaÆs colonial times.

Shaw has seven recordings to his credit, including his 1988 debut album, ôAdirondack,ö which has been entered into the Library of Congress Folk Archives. In addition he has been featured on several public television documentaries, including ôSongs from the Heart of the Adirondacksö and ôChristmas in the Adirondacks.ö He is also the spokesperson for the ôI Love NYö Adirondack region television commercials.

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Video 9/12/2000: Christopher Shaw and Jennifer & Scott Smith

Moving stories and powerful singing mark Jennifer & Scott Smith's performances, as well as those of troubadour/storyteller Christopher Shaw.

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