The CKS Dance Academy


Director/choreographer/instructor Chien Jung Kuo (a.k.a Carol Kuo) founded the CKS Dance Academy in Maryland in 1995. She has been teaching and choreographing a wide range of diverse ethnic and popular mainstream forms of dance for over 35 years. The goal of the CKS Dance Academy is to promote an awareness and a better understanding of Chinese culture by establishing and maintaining the highest level of artistic standards and authenticity.

CKS Choreographer/instructor Jing Ling is a well-respected artist in her native Beijing. She received top honors as a graduate of Beijing Dance College and the Zhong-Yang Cultural Arts Academy, specializing in Chinese folkdance and traditional styles. Having accrued over ten years of teaching experience at the Chinese Traditional Dance Association in China, she has been living in the US for a little over two years.
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