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About the Work

Clancy Newman Composer: Clancy Newman
© Dr. Richard E. Rodda

Several years ago, I discovered a jazzy rock 'n' roll riff circling around in my head, and it seemed suited for a piano trio. I jotted it down and then didn't give it much thought. Years later, I developed a new method of composition involving the golden ratio and irrational numbers. And early in 2010, as I considered various ideas for a piano trio, I remembered the old riff, and I experimented on it using this method. What I discovered was extraordinary. With a minimal number of alterations, the riff could be turned into a very simple chorale; the chorale, in turn, could form the basis for a rustic fiddle tune. And so, the challenge was set before me: would it be possible to write a piece that would exploit this bizarre relationship between two seemingly different ideas?

 - Clancy Newman