The Kennedy Center

Chris Duling


Chris discovered yoga after losing 100 pounds and nearly breaking his body in the process. A series of misguided attempts to "get in shape" had left him with an aching back, a pinched nerve, and plenty of frustration. Seeking a remedy for his ailments, he sheepishly claimed a spot in the back row of his first yoga class in 2008. Chris soon began to realize that his newfound enthusiasm to exercise regularly, although well-intentioned, had actually been causing most of his injuries through a misunderstanding of proper alignment. 

Chris decided to become an instructor in 2011 and obtained his 200-hour certification studying under Kim Weeks. He continued his education by obtaining a 50-hour from master teacher David Kyle. Chris's teaching style is rooted in a strong focus on steady breathing and body alignment basics, allowing for a safe exploration into more advanced poses, all while cultivating a positive attitude and refining the mind-body connection.
Chris Duling