The Kennedy Center

Sultanas Troupe


Sultanas Troupe is a unique company of dancers whose style -- “Ancient Art Movement” – fuses Middle Eastern oriental, traditional folkloric and modern dance. Director/Choreographer Carmen Shippy created this type of dance to show how women aged 55+ can achieve strength, confidence, and grace with movements that are alluring, powerful, dramatic, and fun. Her numerous and colorful original choreographies have entertained, inspired, and encouraged multi-generational audiences at local community centers, art festivals, and other venues. Sultanas are honored to appear for a 4th season at the Arlington County Fair this coming August.

Carmen is committed to teaching 55+ women a variety of dance techniques that strengthen the core, encourage flexibility and proper alignment, and improve dexterity in hands and feet. She welcomes all levels to her free classes in and around Arlington (contact for more information). With thanks to home-base directors and staff at Lee Senior Center in Arlington, and to all the ladies in Carmen’s Ancient Art Movement Dance classes, the Sultanas (Carmen, Esther, Janey, Marcia, Monica, Neelima, and Susan) are excited to present at the 2018 National Dance Day at the Kennedy Center.

Silent Storm -- Dynamic, romantic, awesome force of nature, an ode to the energy of love (One with You by Carlos Santana,); and 
Desert Holiday – A journey of joyful friendships and carefree celebration (Desert Holiday by Ali Hamida).