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The Bazurto All Stars


The Bazurto All Stars was born in 2009 in the heart of Cartagena, Colombia in the Bazurto Market, amid the myriad colors, sounds and smells of that epicenter of Caribbean and African culture. They are known as the “pure party machine”, and the best Champeta band in Colombia whose 7 musicians put on an unrivaled stage show. Their concerts hook the audience from the first note with an explosive show full of contagious energy and dancing.

In 2016, they won the prestigious Congo de Oro, with their mega hit “La Pupileta” which became the 2016 anthem for the Carnaval de Barranquilla, the 2nd largest carnival in the world after Rio. They won a “Premio Shock” in the same year and began churning out #1 radio hits across Colombia. They collaborated with celebrated artists Peter Manjarrés, Kvrass and Wilfran Castillo on the hits “Carnaval de Amor, La Muchachita, and El Remix de La Borrachera”. The Bazurto All Stars recently won the esteemed Congo de Oro a second time for the 2018 Carnaval de Barranquilla.

They have successfully toured Europe and the USA since 2015 and were featured in the Estereo Picnic Festival in 2017. They produced the song “Vacilatela” for the 2018 Barranquilla Carnival Queen and “Caracol es Carnaval” for Caracol TV. They are the new image and exclusive artists of TigoMusic.

A tour of Canada and the USA is planned for July 2018 with The Soukous All Stars.