New York City Ballet

Wednesday, February 27, 2008 - Sunday, March 2, 2008

The acclaimed company performs mixed repertory to include works by Jerome Robbins, in tribute to the 10th anniversary of his passing.


$29.00 - $110.00

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"Dancing in its most glorious, spare simplicity!
Here was proof that ballet needn't be ornate to enthrall an audience."
 - The Washington Post, Feb. 29
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Co-founded by George Balanchine and Lincoln Kirstein, New York City Ballet is one of the largest and most highly esteemed classical ballet companies in the world. Praised for its linear purity, musicality, and unparalleled repertory, New York City Ballet raises the bar for international dance. With the Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra, the company brings two of its signature mixed repertory programs reflecting its musical inspirations and celebrated history. The engagement will include influential works by former Ballet Master in Chief Jerome Robbins, to mark 10 years since his passing. The first program, "Balanchine and Robbins," features Serenade, Moves, and Symphony in C. The second program, "Four Voices," featuring Carousel, Zakouski, Agon, and The Concert, refers to the four primary choreographers of New York City Ballet's current repertoire: Wheeldon, Martins, Balanchine, and Robbins.
"An impressive new generation of dancers"
--The New York Times
"Dances with a deeply satisfying variety of tone, content, and form"
--The Washington Post


Program 1 -- "Balanchine and Robbins" -- (Wed., 2/27, Thu., 2/28, & Sat., 3/1 at 7:30; Sun., 3/2 at 1:30) 
--Serenade  (Balanchine/Tchaikovsky)
    -- Wed., Thu., & Sat. eves.: Darci Kistler, Yvonne Borree, Sara Mearns, Charles Askegard, Stephen Hanna
    -- Sun. mat: Janie Taylor, Philip Neal, Ashley Bouder, Kaitlyn Gilliland, Ask la Cour
--Moves  (Robbins/Unaccompanied)
    -- Wed. & Thu. eves.: Rebecca Krohn, Jared Angle
    -- Sat. eve. & Sun. mat.: Teresa Reichlen, Andrew Veyette
--Symphony in C (Balanchine/Bizet)
    -- Wed., Thu., & Sat. eves.: 1st Mov: Abi Stafford, Jonathan Stafford; 2nd Mov: Wendy Whelan, Philip Neal; 3rd Mov: Ashley Bouder, Benjamin Millepied; 4th Mov: Tiler Peck, Sean Suozzi
    -- Sun. mat.: 1st Mov: Ana Sophia Scheller, Jared Angle; 2nd Mov: Sara Mearns, Charles Askegard; 3rd Mov: Megan Fairchild, Gonzalo Garcia; 4th Mov: Tiler Peck, Tyler Angle

Program 2 -- "Four Voices" -- (Fri, 2/29; Sat, 3/1 mat; Sun, 3/2 eve)
--Carousel (A Dance) (Wheeldon/Rodgers)
    -- All Performances: Tiler Peck, Damian Woetzel, Ashley Laracey, Tyler Angle, Amanda Hankes, Adrian Danchig-Waring
--Zakouski (Martins/Rachmaninoff, Stravinsky, Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky)
    -- Fri. & Sun. eves.: Yvonne Borree, Benjamin Millepied
    -- Sat. mat.: Megan Fairchild, Andrew Veyette
--Agon (Balanchine/Stravinsky)
    -- All Performances: Wendy Whelan, Albert Evans, Sean Suozzi, Rebecca Krohn, Jennifer Tinsley, Teresa Reichlen, Tyler Angle, Amar Ramasar
--The Concert (Robbins/Chopin)
    -- All Performances: Sterling Hyltin, Arch Higgins, Rachel Piskin, Ashley Laracey, Georgina Pazcoguin, Andrew Veyette, Gwyneth Muller, Austin Laurent [2/29], Tom Gold [3/1, 3/2], Allen Peiffer, Justin Peck

This event has already closed.

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