Bolshoi Ballet

Tuesday, May 30, 2000 - Sunday, June 04, 2000


$10.00 - $85.00

Run Time:

3 hours to 3hrs.10 m

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Vladimir Vasiliev, Artistic Director

The mighty Bolshoi Ballet has captured the imaginations of ballet lovers and defined the concept of spectacle since its creation more than two centuries ago. Under the direction of Vladimir Vasiliev, and powered by the energy, grace, and astonishing precision of a new generation of star dancers, this fabled company is once again commanding audiences around the world--and regaining its reputation as one of the world's finest. In its first U.S. tour in more than a decade, organized by the Kennedy Center, the company will dance its glorious staging of ROMEO AND JULIET and DON QUIXOTE--just the kind of romantic classic for which it earned its noble reputation.

Program (subject to change):
May 30 eve, May 31 eve, June 3 mat and eve:
Romeo and Juliet (Prokofiev)
Conductor: Alexander Kopylov - all performances
Juliet: Nina Ananiachvill, May 30
Inna Petrova, May 31, June 3 mat
Galina Stepanenko, May 3 eve
Romeo: Andrey Uvarov, May 30, June 3 mat
Sergey Filin, May 31 eve, June 3 eve)
Mercuzio: Nikolay Tsiskaridze - all performances
Tibald: Dmitry Belogolovtsev, May 30 eve, 31 eve
Vladimir Moiseev, June 3 mat and eve
Capulet-mother: Maria Volodina - all performances
Nurse - Evgenia Volochkova - all performances

June 1 eve, June 2 eve and June 4 mat:
Don Quixote (Minsk)
Conductor: Alexander Kopylov, June 1 and 2
Alexander Sotnikov, June 4 mat
Kitri - Nina Anaiachvili, June 1
Galina Stepanenko, June 2
Maria Aleksandrova, June 4 mat
Basil, barber - Andrey Uvarov, June 1
Sergey Filin, June 1
Dmitry Belogolovtsev, June 4 mat
Don Quixote - Andrey Sitnikov, June 1 eve and 4 mat
Alexei Loparevich, June 2
Gamash - Andrei Melanin - all performances
Toreador - Vladimir Moiseev, June 1 and 2 eve
Iliya Ryzhakov, June 4 mat
Dulcinea - Nina Ananiachvili, June 1 eve
Galina Stepanenko, June 2 eve
Maria Aleksandrova, June 2 mat
Spanish Dance - Maria Volodina, June 1 eve and 4 mat
Maria Isplantovskaya, June 1
Gypsy Dance - Anna Antropova, June 1 eve
Yuliana Malkhasyants, June 2
Irina Zibrova, June 4 mat
Bolero - Irina Zibrova, June 1
Anna Antropova, June 2 and 4 mat
Iliya Ryzhakov, June 1, 2 and 4 mat
First Variation - Maria Aleksandrova, June 1 and 2 eve
Maria Allash, June 4 mat
Second Variation - Maria Allash, June 1 and 2 eve
Anastassia Iatsenko, June 4 mat

The Bolshoi will tour the following cities:
June 6-11: Auditorium Theatre Council, Chicago, Illinois
June 13-18: The Paramount, Seattle, Washington
June 20-25: The Music Center of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
June 27-July 2: Orange County Performing Arts Center, Costa Mesa, California

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This event has already closed.

Please use the event calendar to search for current events.

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