Pilobolus Dance Theatre
Saturday, October 03, 2009 - Sunday, October 04, 2009

The world-renowned Pilobolus Dance Theatre presents a program of five signature and new works, including Redline, Darkness and Light, Gnomen, Walklyndon, and Rushes.

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Pilobolus Dance Theatre
Robby Barnett, Michael Tracy, and Jonathan Wolken, Co-Artistic Directors
"A form of liquefied acrobatics that variously opens in dreamlike directions of dance, drama, and poetry"
--The New York Times
"A mind-blowing troupe of wildly creative and physically daring dancers who leap, fly, intertwine, and break all the rules"
Formed in 1971 out of the creative forays of the founding members during a dance class at Dartmouth College, Pilobolus is renowned for its nontraditional, imaginative, and athletic exploration of creative collaboration. The company has taken part in three Olympics opening ceremonies and received worldwide exposure in 2007 when they performed during the Academy Awards and molded, folded, and shaped their bodies into iconic silhouettes evoking the year's films.
October 3 & 4, the company returns for the first time since 2002 to perform five signature and new works.

Jonathan Wolken's Redline examines the beauty and futility of physical battle. Accompanied by a driving and seductive score by Battles and Autechre, this full company work is full of tremulous energy balanced by a graceful discipline.   (Timing: 15 min., followed by a 3 min. pause)
Darkness and Light
In this collaboration between Pilobolus Co-Artistic Directors Robby Barnett and Jonathan Wolken and acclaimed puppeteer Basil Twist, Pilobolus dancers use hand-held bulbs and image-manipulating materials based in shadow puppetry techniques to create the art of light and dark illusion. A journey between the micro- and macroscopic worlds in which we live, Darkness and Light reaches a new frontier of corporeal imagination.   (Timing: 25 min., followed by a 15 min. intermission)
Gnomen (Barnett, Wolken)
One of Pilobolus's classic men's quartets, Gnomen lyrically explores emerging relationships using an unusual and inventive physical vocabulary.   (Timing: 15 min., followed by a 2 min. pause) 
Walklyndon (Barnett, Harris, Pendleton, Wolken)
One of Pilobolus's very first works, Walklyndon is a silent dance owing much of its physical humor to slapstick and vaudeville. Six colorfully dressed jocks romping, bumping, kicking, and galumphing, Walklyndon is a classic.   (Timing: 5 min., followed by a 3 min. pause)
Rushes (Pinto, Pollak, Barnett)
A company collaboration with Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak, Rushes depicts an isolated community of broken dreams. Jacques Tati meets Gogol in a breakthrough for Pilobolus's constantly morphing aesthetic.   (Timing: 24 min.)

Notice: There are a limited number of full-price obstructed view orchestra tickets available for this engagement. They are available for purchase by phone or in-person, but not online. Please call (202) 467-4600 to check availability.

This event has already closed.

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