Hubbard Street Dance Chicago

Friday, November 12, 2010 - Saturday, November 13, 2010

The feisty company known for cutting-edge choreography presents a mixed repertory program, including Kylián's 27'52", the U.S. premiere of Cerrudo's Malditos, and Barton's Untouched.


$22.00 - $60.00

Run Time:

Approx. 2 hours

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"Hypnotic and mood-spinning"
--The Chicago Sun-Times
"Disciplined, breathtakingly athletic, and virtuosic"
--St. Louis Post-Dispatch
One of the country's most important contemporary dance companies, the feisty Hubbard Street Dance Chicago is known for cutting-edge choreography that encompasses a vast array of techniques and forms, as well as an understanding of abstract artistry and the emotional nuances of movement. The Chicago Tribune praises the company for its "evolving aesthetic [that] has the ability to entwine sensual rounded shapes with mechanical frigidity and cutting wit."
The company presents a repertory program, which includes Kylián's 27'52". Called "absorbing" by the Chicago Tribune, the Czech choreographer's work takes the viewer along for a game of seeking and being sought, of holding and being held, pulling and pushing, a game in which the dancer must ultimately exit the stage solo. 27'52" creates an urge to see it again, perhaps in disbelief of what appears on the stage and wondering how all this could be physically possible.

Also on the program are the U.S. premiere of HSDC resident choreographer Alejandro Cerrudo's Malditos and Aszure Barton's Untouched. Using music by saxophonist and composer Curtis Macdonald, pianist and musical director Njo Kong Kie, and Russian violist Lev "Ljova" Zhurbi, the illustrious choreographer Barton has collaborated with each dancer independently and built a shared vocabulary for the ensemble based on these personal interactions. Inspired by collaboration, Barton is interested in creating dense environments on stage in which each performer is an individual and all are united by a shared language.
Please note: The work 27'52" contains partial nudity.

Performance Timing:  Approximately 2 hours
--Untouched - 27 min., followed by a 20-min. intermission
--Malditos - 22 min., followed by a 20-min. intermission
--27'52" - 28 min.

Explore the Arts: On Nov. 12, join a free post-performance discussion with a moderator and members of the company.

This event has already closed.

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