The Kennedy Center

Monica Bill Barnes & Company

Monica Bill Barnes & Company

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 - Thursday, May 9, 2013

Contemporary Dance

"One of the wittiest young choreographers around" (The Village Voice), Monica Bill Barnes debuts at the Kennedy Center with dances imbued with not only grace and theatricality but relatable humor.

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Monica Bill Barnes & Company
Monica Bill Barnes, Artistic Director
"Ms. Barnes has the kind of humor--not a snicker in sight--that is in woefully short supply in dance these days."
--The New York Times
"Barnes [is] one of the wittiest young choreographers around."
--The Village Voice
A New York–based performer and choreographer, Monica Bill Barnes founded her contemporary dance company with the mission to celebrate individuality, humor, and the innate theatricality of everyday life.
For its Kennedy Center debut, Monica Bill Barnes & Company brings an outrageous and whimsical evening of dance that borrows from the glamour of rock concerts and the goodwill of a little league game.
Luster, the company's newest work, is a duet for Anna Bass and Monica Bill Barnes, who are in their tenth year of dancing together. Autobiographical elements of their creative life are mixed with an abstract yet vigorous movement vocabulary. Themes of endurance and triumph are present as these performers share the spotlight.
mostly fanfare is an examination of the struggles and obligations of showmanship. Inspired by vaudeville, silent film, and the genuine need to perform, this trio exposes the trials of performing with humor and sincere effort. mostly fanfare is a celebration of resilience and the art of picking yourself up, dusting off, and starting all over again and again.
Everything is getting better all the time is a study in entertainment and excess. This work is full of contradictions--the quartet of women performers is costumed in three-piece men's suits with rip-away pants and twirling batons. Live Otis Redding recordings add to the fervor of the performers as they constantly top themselves and bring audiences to their feet cheering them on.

Performance Timing:  Approximately 95 minutes, including one 20-minute intermission

Explore the Arts: On May 8, join a free post-performance discussion with a moderator and members of the company.