Shen Wei Dance Arts

Thursday, May 23, 2013 - Saturday, May 25, 2013

Blending a traditional Chinese aesthetic with Western dance to extraordinary results, Shen Wei Dance Arts presents Undivided Divided, a site-specific piece where the dancers interact with multimedia, including video and sculpture.





Run Time:

45 minutes

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Shen Wei Dance Arts
Shen Wei, Artistic Director
Undivided Divided

"A vivid fusion of East and West, of Chinese opera and modern dance informed by the keen eye of a painter"--The Boston Globe

"Shen Wei's singular imagination and brilliant stagecraft brings us to strange and wondrous places."--The Washington Post

Perhaps best known for his stunning choreography for the Opening Ceremonies at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Shen Wei is also internationally recognized for his interdisciplinary cross-cultural performances. His company's newest piece, Undivided Divided, is a unique performance installation featuring a grid divided into 36 squares inhabited by 18 dancers.
Audience members are invited to stroll among moving "displays" of painted dancers, projected videos, and sculptural installations. Set to an original score by So Percussion and concrete sound design by Lawson White, this multimedia work envelopes the audience not only through its spatial design, but also via multi-track sound--creating an exciting new type of immersive interaction between audience and performer.  Performance Timing: 45 minutes, with no intermission

Note: This performance contains nudity. Patrons will be asked to remove their shoes prior to entering and will stand throughout the 45-minute performance.

Explore the Arts: On May 23, join a free post-performance discussion with a moderator and members of the company.


This event has already closed.

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