The Kennedy Center


MC Lyte: Lyte as a Rock 30th Anniversary Concert (part of The Bridge Concert Series)

Friday, September 21, 2018 8:00 PM

Hip Hop Culture

Grammy-nominated emcee MC Lyte takes it back to the beginning with a 30th anniversary celebration of her debut album Lyte as a Rock.

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At the tender age of 17, Brooklyn native MC Lyte first appeared on the scene with her debut album Lyte As A Rock. Featuring classics like “I Cram to Understand You,” “Lyte as a Rock,” “Paper Thin,” “I Am Woman” and “10% Dis,” the album was celebrated by The Source as one the 100 Best Rap Albums. With a distinctive voice, demonstrated lyricism and an unapologetic stance, MC Lyte has served as one of the preeminent voices for women in Hip Hop. With over 3 decades in the industry, she has had a host of impressive firsts. She was the first rap artist to perform at Carnegie Hall and the first female emcee to perform at the White House, the first solo female emcee to be nominated for a Grammy Award and the first female emcee to receive a gold single. With 12 albums under her belt, including her critically acclaimed album LEGEND and her newest release SpotLYTE, MC Lyte comes to the Kennedy Center and takes it back to the beginning with a 30th anniversary celebration of Lyte as a Rock. The concert will feature the performance of the full album backed by a live band in addition to other hits from her repertoire.