Orphie and the Book of Heroes

Saturday, February 8, 2014 - Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spunky and curious Orphie, a young girl in Ancient Greece, sets out to save storyteller Homer and his Book of Heroes in this humorous world premiere musical--a quest that takes her from the heights of Mt. Olympus to the depths of the underworld. Age 9+



Run Time:

75 minutes

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A world premiere Kennedy Center commission
Orphie and the Book of Heroes
Book and lyrics by Christopher Dimond
Music by Michael Kooman
Directed by Joe Calarco
Choreographed by Karma Camp
Featuring Chris Bloch, Evan Casey, Lauren Du Pree, Sam Edgerly, Gia Mora, Paul Scanlan, and Thomas Adrian Simpson

Watch these fun video interviews with Kooman & Dimond featuring behind-the-scenes footage and music from the show!
All about the story
- All about the music
- On the cast and creative team
- On their inspiration for the show
- On their creative process
- How they first starting collaborating
- Kooman sings/plays a song from the show!

As a spunky pigtailed orphan growing up in Ancient Greece, Orphie has always been obsessed with the stories her guardian Homer, the famous old poet, writes in his book of heroes. Yet she's never found a tale about a female hero, and now the dark lord Hades has whisked Homer to the underworld! OMZ--oh my Zeus--what's a girl to do? In this hilarious and moving new musical adventure that puts a clever twist on Greek mythology, Orphie sets sail for Mt. Olympus to enlist the aid of Heracles, her celebrity hero idol. Along the way, she braves the insecure messenger Hermes and his telegrams, a fearsome meathead Atlas who likes to squash things, and even a makeover by the sassy island-dwelling Sirens. By the time Orphie faces off with the misery-loving master of death, the missing story she's been seeking might actually be her own!
For age 9 and up.

Share the digital version of our full-color Cuesheet with your family before you attend the show!

Performance Timing: 75 minutes

Following the 4 p.m. performance on Sunday, February 9
Join Orphie creators Christopher Dimond and Michael Kooman for a unique opportunity to ask questions about the production. 
The discussion begins immediately after the performance and is free with your ticket.

Note: The 11 a.m. performance on Sat., February 22 is Sensory-Friendly.

Sensory-Friendly Performances are designed to create a theater experience that is welcoming to all families with children on the autism spectrum or with other disabilities that create sensory sensitivities.

Accommodations for these performances include:
* Lower volume and consistent sound levels (no jarring sounds);
* Lights remaining at a low level in the theater during the performance;
* A reduction of strobe lighting focused on the audience;
* An understanding that patrons are free to talk and leave their seats during the performance;
* Short performance times, lasting 60-75 minutes with no intermission;
* Designated quiet areas within the theater;
* Space throughout the theater for standing and movement;
* Smaller crowds and a limited number of visitors at the Kennedy Center during the day and timing of the performance; and
* Trained Kennedy Center staff members who are inviting and accommodating to families' needs.

Families will also have access to resource materials to prepare for their visit. Please contact the Accessibility Office at 202-416-8727 (voice/relay) or access@kennedy-center.org for more information.


Watch and Listen

AUDIO: “He’s the Man” – Heracles

AUDIO: “The Heights of Mt. Olympus” – Hermes and Orphie

AUDIO: “What Would a Hero Do?” - Orphie

This event has already closed.

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