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KC Jazz Club: <i>An Evening with Christian Scott</i>

KC Jazz Club: An Evening with Christian Scott

Saturday, October 3, 2009

KC Jazz Club Jazz

Considered one of the brightest new jazz stars, 22-year-old Grammy-nominated trumpeter Christian Scott was named one of the "Top Ten to Watch in 2006."

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A graduate of the Berklee College of Music and a product of New Orleans's Ninth Ward, trumpeter Christian Scott "demonstrates an appreciation for musical finery" (JazzTimes). When Mos Def and Jill Scott need someone to take their performances to the next level, they call him. When X-Clan wanted to add some heft to their Return from Mecca album, Scott was the one to whom they reached out. Known for textured playing that appeals to both respected members of the hip hop community and to jazz purists, he possesses the ability to harness the attitude, urgency, and power of the rap generation and lend his classically trained musical ear to music with a potency few artists match.