NSO Kinderkonzert: Musical Opposites

Saturday, March 31, 2012

This is the newest program from the Kennedy String Quartet, whose previous shows, Making Music with Friends and Musical Contrasts, were a huge hit with young audiences.



Run Time:

1 hour

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Sometimes you're left with two puzzle pieces that just don't seem to fit. But then with a little squinting and a lot of imagination, you find that they go together perfectly! In this fast-paced program, the Kennedy String Quartet--violinists Holly Hamilton and Jane Bowyer Stewart, violist James Deighan, and cellist David Teie--demonstrates many types of musical contrasts that work together, from the technical to the emotional. The four NSO musicians engage the audience as they explore such simple musical building blocks as high and low, loud and soft, fast and slow. Then, playing excerpts by string quartet masters Haydn, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, and Shostakovich, the quartet shows how composers use opposites to express a stunning variety of musical moods and emotions. The musical selections the quartet plays (as well as the instruments they play on!) range from centuries-old to brand-new. For age 4 and up.

Come early for the Musical Instrument "Petting Zoo." Starting one hour before each Kinderkonzert, this hands-on activity in the Kennedy Center Hall of States gives children a chance to get up close with the instruments they'll see played on stage--from violins and trumpets to oboes and flutes. A project of the Women's Committee for the NSO.

This event has already closed.

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