NSO Teddy Bear Concert: Violins, and Trombones, and Bears, Oh, My!

Saturday, March 10, 2012 - Sunday, March 11, 2012

This brand new show for wee children features NSO violinist Marissa Regni with NSO trombonist Barry Hearn. Violin and trombone, what an unusual instrument combination! Ages 3-5.



Run Time:

45 minutes

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A delicate violin and a brassy tromboneā€¦ playing together?! How can those two different-shaped parts fit into one piece of music? Find out in this new show from NSO violinist Marissa Regni, the "mother" of the Teddy Bear Concerts, joined by trombonist Barry Hearn. Musical compatibility is put to the test in a program that moves between classical and popular music with some ragtime and Spanish tunes thrown into the mix. As it turns out, we can be as different as trombones and violins, and still play together in harmony! What's more, these performances also feature the unique sounds of a garden hose and funnel horn, a grownup violin as well as a baby one, and trombones in three different sizes! For ages 3 to 5.

Kids can bring their favorite stuffed animal to these interactive programs and have their teddy bear friend join in all the fun! Lasting approximately 45 minutes, they're perfect for even the youngest music lovers in your family.

Come early for "Musical Playtime." Starting 45 minutes before each Teddy Bear Concert, enjoy music and movement activities especially designed for small children. A project of the Women's Committee for the NSO.

This event has already closed.

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