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NSO Ensemble Concert: <i>Connections: Science and Music</i>

NSO Ensemble Concert: Connections: Science and Music

Sunday, January 27, 2013

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In this multimedia performance, NSO members show how scientists and musicians are more alike than you may think. So put on your lab coat and let's discover how principles of sound give rhythm to biology, chemistry, astronomy, and more! Age 9+

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NSO Ensemble Concert
Connections: Science and Music
Endangered species, synapses and neurons, condensation and precipitation-- are these terms from a science course or a music class? In this fast-paced, multimedia performance by NSO cellist Yvonne Caruthers with her NSO colleagues Natasha Bogachek, violin and Stephen Dumaine, tuba, students hear and see how a melody can be played on a laundry hose (or a tuba); how instrument makers are responding to the near-extinction of their favorite trees; and whether a violinist can break a world speed record... don't miss it! For age 9 and up.