The Kennedy Center


Take Note! Why Music Education Matters: A Panel Discussion Moderated by Renée Fleming (part of Sound Health: Music and the Mind)

Saturday, September 8, 2018 2:00 PM

Sound Health

Moderated by the renowned soprano and Kennedy Center Artistic Advisor at Large, this panel of prominent researchers and educators will examine questions raised by research showing that early music training can shape the brain in powerful and lasting ways. 

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Music is more than just an enjoyable subject—it can shape the brain and impact lifelong success. A growing body of evidence suggests that music education can enhance language skills, boost student achievement in other academic subjects, bolster critical thinking skills, and creativity, and positively affect student engagement. What is the status of music education in schools? Could music training help to bridge the achievement gap, and what are some successful models? Can scientific data help to promote change? Renée Fleming leads a thought-provoking panel discussion with Dr. Francis Collins, Dr. Rollo Dilworth, Chair of Music Education and Therapy at Temple University, Dr. Kenneth Elpus, Associate Professor of Music Education at the University of Maryland, Dr. John Iversen, Associate Research Scientist at University of California San Diego, Dantes Rameau, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Atlanta Music Project, Melissa Salguero 2018 Grammy Music Educator Award Recipient, Laurie Schell, inaugural director of Music Makes Us with Metro Nashville Public Schools; and others, featuring a special performance by the Washington Performing Arts' Children of the Gospel Choir.