The Scarlet Pimpernel
Wednesday, July 05, 2000 - Sunday, July 30, 2000

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Ready for old-fashioned adventure, swashbuckling duels and rescues, betrayals and reconciliations, disguises, a dashing hero and a beautiful heroine, a band of brave warriors, an evil villain and, of course, a happy ending? THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL is your answer!

Based on the classic historical romance by the Baroness Orczy, THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL is being brought to the musical stage by Frank Wildhorn, one of today's hottest young songwriters.

The year is 1794, and the Reign of Terror is at its peak in the heart of Paris. "Madame Guillotine" is busy:thousands of innocent lives are taken to the roar of a bloodthirsty mob. An English Lord, Sir Percy Blakeney, is disgusted at the slaughter and gathers together band of fellow nobles with a secret purpose: under his leadership,they will strike at the heart of the Terror, rescuing the innocent just before the blade of the guillotine falls. They unite under the Blakeney family symbol: the red, star-shaped flower known as the Pimpernel.

Their audacious rescues and brushes with danger are all breathtakingly shown in THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL -

THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL is also a burning love story. On their wedding day, Sir Percy learns that his new wife, Marguerite, has been a spy for the French. Not realizing that the beautiful and vivacious Marguerite had been blackmailed into spying, Percy buries himself in his secret identity. The world and Marguerite only see the foppish and silly Sir Percy; we see the hidden hero underneath the ruffles and frills.

Estranged but still deeply in love, Percy and Marguerit sing "Only Love," trying to rekindle their romance. It's a beautiful ballad - sure to be a hit on and off stage.

Both Sir Percy and Marguerite see danger and disguise as THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL moves toward its dramatic and happy conclusion. Like the great swashbuckling escapades of old, things look grim up until the very last second. But don't worry - Baroness Orczy wrote 11 sequels to her wildly popular 1905 novel - so you know that Sir Percy and Marguerite will be sailing into the sunset in triumph as the curtain closes. And you'll have spent one of the most fun evenings in the theatre you've ever experienced.

CastingThe Pimpernel: Robert Patteri (formerly Gaston in London's Beauty and the Beast
Marguerite: Amy Bodnar (formerly of Martin Guerre and Ragtime)
Chauvelin: William Paul Michals

This event has already closed.

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