The Royal Shakespeare Company: As You Like It

Tuesday, April 22, 2003 - Sunday, May 18, 2003

One of the world’s most important interpreters of classical drama presents the first of five annual Kennedy Center engagements.


$25.00 - $70.00

Run Time:

3 hours, 3 minutes

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As one of the world's most important interpreters of classical drama, Britain's Royal Shakespeare Company has garnered an international reputation for riveting performances, astonishing stagecraft, definitive productions, and an "inventiveness [that's] never ending and unfailingly intelligent" (The Washington Times).

Returning to the Kennedy Center for its first of five annual engagements, the acclaimed company presents Shakespeare's classic tale of treason, hidden identity, and, of course, love: AS YOU LIKE IT, featuring Royal Shakespeare Company favorite Nina Sosanya as one of the theater's most illustrious heroines.

Set in the Duchess' Court and then the Forest of Arden, As You Like It is an ongoing maze of hidden identities. The play centers on the Court ruled by Duke Frederick, who long ago banished his older brother, Duke Senior,the rightful duke, to nearby Arden Forest. Increasingly paranoid, Frederick banishes his brother's daughter Rosalind as well. Frederick's own daughter Celia leaves with her, and they travel in disguise, Rosalind as a boy (Ganymede) and Celia as "his" sister (Aliena), accompanied by the court fool Touchstone. Meanwhile, Orlando flees the tyranny of his older brother, Oliver. Orlando and Rosalind had met just that afternoon and have fallen in love. They now take refuge in the same forest and Rosalind, in disguise, offers to help Orlando practice wooing his true love.

"Gifted directors and actors...[a] great theater ensemble." -The New York Times

Made possible through the generous support of the Prince of Wales Foundation.

Program and Notes

William Shakespeare
As You Like It

This event has already closed.

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