William Kentridge's 9 Drawings for Projection

Wednesday, December 12, 2007 - Thursday, December 13, 2007

Recorded by William Kentridge between 1989 and 2003, this series of nine short films follows the fictional story of iconic antihero Soho Eckstein, a wealthy South African mine owner, land developer, and cuckold.



Run Time:

Approx. 85 minutes

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Music composed by Philip Miller
Featuring Vincenzo Pasquariello, piano  
Tumelo Moloi, vocals
Massimo Marcer, trumpet 
Archimia Quartet
--Serafino Tedesi, violin
--Vitaliano De Rossi, violin
--Matteo Del Soldà, viola
--Andrea Anzalone, cello

Created by internationally renowned South African artist William Kentridge, 9 Drawings for Projection, a feature-length series of nine short films, traces his country's transition from apartheid to democracy through the rise and fall of a fictional antihero. In Johannesburg, wealthy mine owner Soho Eckstein launches a massive empire, but his wife's affair with an arch-nemesis blinds him from South Africa's shifting realities. At once melancholic and graceful, each film emerges through Kentridge's remarkable and unusual style. Starting with a single charcoal drawing, he photographs it, adds and erases a mark or two, then photographs it again. Kentridge repeats this process over and over until he has created--as the New York Times describes--"evocative video animations that at once tell stories and convey the narrative of the act of drawing." On-stage musicians will perform Philip Miller's film scores live, including the U.S. premiere of music for Tide Table, one of the nine features. The evening begins with Journey to the Moon, an animated homage to George Méliès's classic film of the same name.

This event has already closed.

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