DruidMurphy Full Cycle: Conversations on a Homecoming, A Whistle in the Dark, Famine

Saturday, October 20, 2012, 1:00 PM

Tony Award–winning Druid Theatre Company presents the story of Irish emigration through a three-play cycle of works by renowned Irish dramatist Tom Murphy--Famine, A Whistle in the Dark, and Conversations on a Homecoming.


$66.00 - $135.00

Run Time:

9 and 3/4 hours

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NOTE: Tickets purchased via this page are for the full three-play cycle of DruidMurphy on October 20 (Conversations on a Homecoming: 1 p.m.; A Whistle in the Dark: 4 p.m.; Famine: 8 p.m.). You must retain your ticket for entry to all three plays.

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DruidMurphy--Plays by Tom Murphy
Written by Tom Murphy
Directed by Garry Hynes
"Urgent, visceral, and superbly acted.
Murphy is, I suspect, the greatest dramatist writing in English."
--Financial Times (London)
"Ferocious, often savagely entertaining. Five stars!
A monumental survey of an underrated playwright and of Ireland itself…attendance should be obligatory."
--Daily Telegraph (London)
"The acting is…visceral, precise, and saturated with raw wit and honest feeling. Ensemble work of the highest order."
--The New York Times
"Theatrical fireworks! Each play packs a wallop, figuratively and literally."
From Ireland's internationally renowned Druid Theatre Company comes DruidMurphy, the epic story of Irish emigration, from The Great Hunger of the 19th century to the "new" Ireland of the '70s, told through three of the greatest plays by Tom Murphy. An ensemble cast of 16 performs across these three remarkable plays. DruidMurphy has already been a sell-out success on tour and is guaranteed to be one of the theatrical events of the year.
In Conversations on a Homecoming, it's the 1970s and Michael, after a ten-year absence, suddenly returns to County Galway from New York and has a reunion with old friends in the small-town pub that is a magnet for dreamers.  (This performance begins at 1 p.m. One Act with NO intermission - 1 hour, 50 min. The interval until the next play begins is 70 minutes.)
In A Whistle in the Dark, it's 1960 and Michael Carney is an Irish emigrant living in Coventry, England with his new wife Betty. He has integrated well into English society, but the same can't be said of his wild brothers.  (This performance begins at 4 p.m.  Act I - 82 min.; Intermission - 20 min.; Act II - 51 min. The interval until the next play begins is 87 minutes.)
In Famine, the villagers of Glanconnor in the west of Ireland face the real prospect of starvation as the second crop of potatoes fails in 1846.  (This performance begins at 8 p.m.  Act I - 82 min.; Intermission - 20 min.; Act II - 62 min.)

The complete running time of all three plays including two intervals is 9 hours, 45 minutes.
Crossing oceans and spanning decades, DruidMurphy explores what we mean when we call a place home and is a major celebration of one of Ireland's most respected living dramatists. Directed by Garry Hynes--"probably the foremost interpreter of Irish drama in the world today" (The New York Times)--this theater event promises to be one of Washington, DC's best of 2012.

This event has already closed.

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