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<i>Nordic Cool 2013</i>: Tero Saarinen Company (Finland)

Nordic Cool 2013: Tero Saarinen Company (Finland)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 8:00 PM

Contemporary Dance Nordic Cool 2013

Finland's Tero Saarinen Company, which aims to promote a humane worldview and basic human values through the language of dance, makes its Kennedy Center debut with a triple bill of works choreographed by Saarinen.

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Tero Saarinen Company
Tero Saarinen, Artistic Director
Part of Nordic Cool 2013. 
"Saarinen's choreography looked constantly alive and original. The whole thing was quite extraordinary, a powerful match for the music."
--The New York Times
Founded by dancer-choreographer Tero Saarinen in 1996, Finland's Tero Saarinen Company aims to promote a humane worldview and basic human values through the language of dance. Saarinen is known for his unique movement language that plays with balance and imbalance. His choreographic style reflects influences ranging from butoh and the martial arts to classical ballet and Western contemporary dance. The company is in permanent residence at the Alexander Theatre in Helsinki.
For its Kennedy Center debut, the company brings a triple bill of works choreographed by Saarinen. Westward Ho! is an absurdly melancholic, quietly humorous portrayal of friendship, selfishness, and betrayal that was influenced by American artist Laurie Anderson's lyrics "There is no pure land now. No safe place. And we stand here on the pier, watching you drown."
In the duet Wavelengths, Saarinen wanted to explore the theme of an established partnership between two strong personalities--a situation in which a couple is looking for a new beginning, a fresh approach, an escape from routines and looming dead-ends in the relationship.
Saarinen's signature solo HUNT was commissioned by the Venice Biennale in 2002. Set to Igor Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring, HUNT delves into the mind of someone being sacrificed and of someone sacrificing himself.