IBERIAN SUITE: Grupo Corpo (Brazil): Sem Mim & Onqotô

Friday, March 6, 2015 - Saturday, March 7, 2015

Hailed as "Brazil's leading ambassador of contemporary dance" (Toronto's The Globe and Mail), Grupo Corpo returns with cutting-edge style in its acclaimed works Sem Mim and Onqotô.


$39.00 - $80.00

Run Time:

Approx. 1-3/4 hours

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Grupo Corpo
Paulo Pederneiras, Artistic Director
Sem Mim

"Spectacular dancing…virtuoso dancers who seamlessly integrate disparate influences into their ever-malleable, apparently tireless bodies"--The New York Times 

"Their combination of sharp precision and breezy relaxation is unlike anything I have ever seen."--The Daily Telegraph (London)
A wildly popular dance ensemble from the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, Grupo Corpo has been a strong international representative of Brazilian contemporary dance since its founding 40 years ago. With its trademark combination of classical technique and contemporary re-reading of popular Brazilian dance forms, the company has created more than 35 major works as well as 2,300 pieces under its founding brothers, Paulo and Rodrigo Pederneiras. 

Their work Sem Mim features an original score composed by Carlos Núñes and José Miguel Wisnik, and is based on the "Sea of Vigo" song cycle by Martín Codax, a set of seven songs dating from the 13th century. Also on the program, Onqotô is a piece about human perplexity and inexorable pettiness before the vastness of the universe. The choreography by Rodrigo Pederneiras contrasts and juxtaposes verticality and horizontality, chaos and order, roughness and tenderness, volume and sparseness, moving along and against the soundtrack, all while unveiling underlying meanings, melody, and rhythms.

Performance Timing: Part One - 48 min.; Intermission - 20 min.; Part Two - 42 min.



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Close-Up with Gabriel Pederneiras of Grupo Corpo

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This event has already closed.

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