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Any Given Child

Sample Tools and Resources

The following data collection worksheets and other tools have been refined by the Kennedy Center during the course of the Any Given Child program. These instruments represent major elements of the Any Given Child process, including data collection and strategic planning.

This document is adapted from a tool provided by the Sacramento County Office of Education. It is intended to be completed by the school principal and measures three areas of arts involvement: instruction in the arts, field trips and events in or away from the school during regular school hours, and professional development for school personnel.

These worksheets include a variety of questions around arts education that Community Arts Teams can choose from to build their own survey instruments.

This simple tool is used to indicate goals and action steps in strategic planning.

Site-Specific Tools

The following surveys were developed by Any Given Child sites in consultation with Kennedy Center staff and consultants as part of the Any Given Child process. Most surveys have been refined by Kennedy Center staff for inclusion here.

For Principals

These surveys ask for principals' opinions of the impact of the arts on student learning and the school community, as well as any barriers to providing arts education.

For Classroom Teachers and Arts Specialists

These surveys ask about teachers' views of arts education, as well as the availability of arts experiences and resources for their students.

For District Administration

These surveys assess district personnel's views of arts education policies, and gather information on the current state of arts education in the district from administrators' perspectives.

For Arts Organizations/Teaching Artists

These surveys seek to determine the roles of local cultural organizations and teaching artists in education, including activities such as field trips away from schools and assemblies in school buildings.

For Community Members

Survey Tool for Community Members in Portland, OR (March 2011)

This survey, which is also available in Spanish, was used to assess the community's interest and support as it was preparing to initiate the Any Given Child program.

Kennedy Center Resources

The following Kennedy Center tools formed the foundation of the Any Given Child data collection effort at the start of the program.

  • A Community Audit for Arts Education: Better Schools, Better Skills, Better Communities

    In November 2000, the Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network developed an effective tool known as A Community Audit for Arts Education: Better Schools, Better Skills, Better Communities to assist local education, community and cultural leaders in assessing the status of arts education in their schools, and to encourage community partnerships to strengthen and expand arts education for all students.

  • Community Audit Resource Assessment

    Developed in 2009 as a companion piece to A Community Audit for Arts Education: Better Schools, Better Skills, Better Communities, the Community Audit Resource Assessment is meant to more thoroughly inventory the schools' and community's arts education programs and resources. Where the Community Audit results in a prioritized list of Next Steps, the Assessment provides deeper insight into the resources available to put those Next Steps into action. The Assessment consists of two sections: a survey, for local arts organizations; and surveys and interviews for schools."

Susan Farrell watching a ballerina student en pointe.

As America's national center for the performing arts and a leader in the development of arts education programming, the Kennedy Center is committed to developing educational resources and programs that can be shared with arts organizations and school districts across the country. Communities that are part of the Any Given Child program will have access to many Kennedy Center resources, including:

Through the 2011-2012 school year, the Kennedy Center worked with a professional research company to conduct an analysis of the Any Given Child program's effectiveness. The executive summary is available.

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Any Given Child

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