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VSA and Accessibility

  • VSA - The International Organization on Arts and Disability About VSA

    VSA provides arts and education opportunities for people with disabilities of all ages.

  • At Start with the Arts, you see a little boy beaming as he drums VSA Affiliates

    VSA works with affiliated organizations nationwide and in more than 50 countries worldwide.

  • Anantawan from the 2010 IVSAF VSA Programs

    VSA offers opportunities for students, teachers, and artists to participate in annual programs, including the Playwright Discovery Program, International Young Soloists Program, and calls for visual art.

  • Revealing Culture Exhibit Resources

    Valuable resources about accessibility, arts and education are available for teachers, students, parents, artists and arts administrators.

  • Accessibility - Engage Disability Art Culture About Accessibility

    The Kennedy Center's Accessibility Office strives to make the cultural arts accessible to patrons and visitors with disabilities through national and international initiatives.

  • Susan Duncan and Melissa Janssen in Gallery at MIA Leadership Exchange in Arts and Disability (LEAD)

    An international network engaging cultural arts administrators in a conversation on accessibility, disability, compliance and inclusion in the cultural arts.

  • Accessibility Symbol Grid Patron Services

    Information about accommodations and services for patrons and visitors with disabilities attending performances or visiting the Kennedy Center.

  • Summit Registration Rosemary Kennedy Internship Initiative

    Career development opportunities for individuals with disabilities.