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Professional Development for Teachers

Some workshops or courses have materials (i.e., tapes, scripts) that accompany them and can be bought by the sponsor for an additional fee. In some cases, these materials must accompany the workshop or course; in others they are optional. The individual teaching artist(s) will provide this information.

Other services (i.e., performances, residencies, additional workshops) are also available from the teaching artists and can be negotiated separately with them. For additional information, contact Partners in Education, The Kennedy Center, 2700 F Street, NW, Washington, DC 20566, or call (202) 416-8806.

Requirements for Booking a Workshop

The fee for workshops or courses will be negotiated between the sponsoring organization and the teaching artist or agent for the teaching artist. Sponsors should contact the artist directly to determine his/her availability. (Note: Contact information can be found with each teaching artist’s listing.) In addition to the fee, other expenses incurred by the sponsor include round-trip airfare, hotel room, per diem appropriate to the individual locality, and local ground transportation for the teaching artist in the hosting community.

In all media and printed materials in which the workshop, presentation, or course is advertised and/or described, the following statement must be included: "This [workshop/presentation/course] was developed in association with The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and is partially underwritten by the U.S. Department of Education, and the National Committee for the Performing Arts."

Workshop Leader Workshop Title Grade Levels Art Form(s) Connection To Educational Area
Daniel Barash Shadow Journeys: Exploring History Through Shadow Puppetry 4-8 Puppetry Social Studies
Maria Barbosa Responding to Diversity: Creating Artists' Books with ELL Students K-6 Visual Art Language Arts, English for Language Learners
Randy Barron Poetry in Motion 4-12 Dance/Creative Movement Language Arts
Scientific Thought in Motion 3-12 Dance/Creative Movement Science
John Bertles Building Musical Instruments from Recycled Materials K-6 Music Language Arts, Science
Kimberli Boyd Integrating Science with Creative Movement K-2 Creative Movement Science
Harlan Brownlee Weather on the Move 3-6, 6-8 Creative Movement/Dance Science
Dances for an Expanding Universe 5-8 Dance Science
Deborah Brzoska Assessment in the Arts, Part I: Creating Rubrics to Promote Learning K-12 Fine Arts Assessment
Assessment in the Arts, Part II: Assessment Design K-12 Fine Arts Assessment
Creating Interdisciplinary Units Based on the Performing Arts K-12 Fine Arts Interdisciplinary
Designing Arts-Centered Interdisciplinary Curriculum 3-12 Fine Arts Interdisciplinary
Reflective Practice: Looking Together to Assess Student Work in the Arts K-12 Fine Arts Assessment
Stacey Coates Addressing Bullying Through Drama 4-8 Drama Social Skills
Story Theatre: A Creative Way to Comprehend and Transform Text 6-12 Drama Language Arts
Mauli Cook Bringing Hawaiian Folktales to Life Through Creative Movement 3-5 Dance Social Studies, Language Arts
Marcia Daft Composition and Improvisation in the Music Classroom K-8 Music Language Arts
Imaginary Journeys Through Movement and Sound Pre K-2 Music/Movement Interdisciplinary
Musical Adventures: A Door to Writing 2-8 Music Language Arts
Moving Through Math - Repeating Patterns: Laying the Foundation for Elementary Mathematics K-2 Movement Math
Moving Through Math - Multiplication and Division 3-5 Movement Math
Moving Through Math - Primary Spatial & Geometric Concepts Pre K-2 Movement Math
Moving Through Math - Intermediate Spatial & Geometric Concepts 3-5 Movement Math
Sound Writing: Exploring Rhythm, Reading, and Writing K-2 Music Language Arts
Sound Writing: Mastering Reading and Writing With Fluency 3-8 Music Language Arts
Word Painting: Mastering Reading and Writing With Expression K-2, 3-8 Music Language Arts
Sound Writing & Word Painting: Mastering Fluent & Expressive Reading and Writing K-5 Music Language Arts
Cynthia Elek The Power of Chant: Building Oral Fluency and Reading Comprehension K-2 Music Language Arts
Barbara Ellmann Learning About African Masks Through Mask-Making 4-8 Visual Art Social Studies
Karen Erickson The Drama of Science 1-6 Drama Science
Drama: The Missing Link in Teaching Literacy 1-8 Drama Language Arts
Getting Started with Drama Integration: Part 1, The Basics 1-8 Drama Interdisciplinary
Getting Started with Drama Integration: Part 2, Managing and Creating the Lesson 1-8 Drama Interdisciplinary
Integrating Drama with the Early Childhood Curriculum Pre-K-K Drama Language Arts, Developmental Stages
Powerful Partners: Improving Student Writing through Drama 4-8 Drama/Creative Writing Language Arts
Who's the Hero? Confronting Bullying Through the Arts 4-9 Interdisciplinary Social Skills
Rosalind Flynn Dramatizing the Content: Curriculum-Based Readers Theatre 5-12 Drama Interdisciplinary
Hobey Ford
Telling Folktales with Shadow Puppets 3-12 Storytelling/Puppetry Language Arts
Imani Gonzalez Building Reading Comprehension Through Sound and Rhythm 1-5 Music Language Arts
Exploring World Cultures Through Music 2-6 Music Social Studies
Telling Your Story Through the Beat of Jazz 2-6 Music Social Studies, Language Arts
Sandi Hammonds Interdisciplinary Connections: Enriching the Study of Mexican Culture 8-12 Visual Art Language Arts, Social Studies
Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies Through Visual Art 5-12 Visual Art Language Arts
Kim and Reggie Harris Sing to Freedom: Music of the Underground Railroad 3-8 Music Social Studies
Ryan Hourigan Reaching Students with Autism Through the Arts: Implications for Inclusive Classrooms Pre K-12 Interdisciplinary Interdisciplinary
Eric Johnson Learning and Dancing Throughout the Curriculum K-2, 3-5 Dance/Creative Movement Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts
Bringing Dance Patterns to Life: Dance and Math K-1 Dance Math
Teamwork Through Dance: Building an Inclusive Classroom K-2 Dance Social Skills
Daniel A. Kelin, II Stories of Us: Exploring Oral Histories Through Drama 4-8 Drama Language Arts
Lenore Blank Kelner Bringing Literature to Life! K-6 Drama Language Arts
Character Interviews: A Dramatic Approach to Reading Comprehension Pre-K-2, 3-8 Drama Language Arts
Drama Across the Curriculum 1-6 Drama Interdisciplinary
Drama Every Day Pre-K-2 Drama Social Studies, Science, Math, Language Arts
Making History Come Alive! 3-6 Drama Social Studies
Motivating the ELL Learner Through Drama K-5 Drama English for Language Learners
Judy Thibault Klevins Coaching Your Students to Dramatic Success 6-12 Drama Language Arts
Exploring Character Education Through Puppetry K-5 Puppetry Language Arts, Character Education
Exploring Points of View Through Drama: Walking in Another's Shoes 5-12 Drama Language Arts, Social Studies
Helping Students Develop and Tell Their Stories 2-5 Storytelling Language Arts
Peg Koetsch Assess Learning Through Student-Created School Exhibitions K-12 Museum Studies Interdisciplinary
Kate Kuper Dancetalk: Language Arts and Phonetic Awareness Through Creative Movement Pre K-K Creative Movement Language Arts
Melanie Layne Reading Portraits as Biographies: Observe. Infer. Inquire. 1-5 Visual Art Language Arts, Social Studies
Looking the Write Way: Integrating Visual Art and Poetry 2-8 Museum Studies Language Arts
Reading Art Across the Curriculum: Observe. Infer. Inquire. 2-8 Visual Arts Interdisciplinary
Documenting the Power of Learning Through the Arts: Creating Publications Using Microsoft Word Pre K-12 Interdisciplinary Interdisciplinary
Documenting the Power of Learning Through the Arts: Creating Digital Narratives Using Microsoft Powerpoint Pre K-12 Interdisciplinary Interdisciplinary
Lines and Shapes: Integrating Visual Art and Geometry Pre K-2 Visual Art Math
Sean Layne Acting Right: Drama as a Classroom Management Strategy K-8 Drama Classroom Management
Bringing Timelines to Life Through Drama 2-6 Drama History, Science, Language Arts
Living Pictures: Comprehension and Assessment Through Drama 2-8 Drama Social Studies, Art, Language Arts
Putting Drama to the Test: Increasing Reading Test Scores through Drama 3-8 Drama Reading Comprehension/Test Scores
Tiny Toy Tale Make and Take K-2 Drama Language Arts
Kathleen Lynam Bringing Biographies to Life Through Puppets K-3 Puppetry Social Studies
Amy MacDonald Writing by Storm: Overcoming Obstacles to Writing 1-5 Creative Writing Language Arts
Kim McCormack Shadow Box Portraits: Creating 3-D Visual Displays 4-8 Visual Art Language Arts
Deborah Sunya Moore A Powerful Connection: Music and Poetry 3-5 Music Language Arts
Lynnette Overby and Michele Root-Bernstein Thinking Tools and the Multi-disciplinary Imagination: Exploring Abstraction in Dance and Creative Writing 8-12 Dance/Creative Writing Language Arts
Sandra Phaup Using Visual Art to Encourage Thinking and Writing K-5 Visual Art Language Arts, Social Studies
Felix Pitre Exploring Latin American Culture Through Animal Folktales K-6 Storytelling Social Studies
Glenis Redmond Poetry Off the Page 4-8 Creative Writing/Drama Language Arts
Karl Schaffer and Erik Stern Physical Problem Solving: Math Dance 3-8 Creative Movement/Dance Math
Math + Dance; Exploring Sequence and Combination 5-8 Dance Math
Daniel Sklar Re-Play: Adapting Myths into Plays 9-12 Drama Language Arts, Social Studies
Jon Spelman Listen-See-Tell: Basic Steps in Telling a Story 4-12 Storytelling Language Arts
Faye Stanley Singing to Learn: A Multicultural Approach to Early Childhood Curriculum K-3 Music Interdisciplinary
Stuart Stotts Writing the Hero's Journey: Building Writing Skills Through Storytelling and Oral Language 4-8 Storytelling Language Arts
The Teacher as Storyteller: Building Story Comprehension in Beginning Readers K-2 Storytelling Language Arts
Singing the Words: Lyric Writing in the Classroom 2-5 Music Language Arts
Mary Hall Surface A Playful Approach to Writing 1-6 Drama Language Arts
Standing in a Character's Shoes: Deeper Meaning Through Monologues 6-12 Drama Language Arts, Social Studies
Cissy Whipp Exploring the Wetlands Environment Through Movement 3-6 Creative Movement/Dance Science
Moving Ways to Read and Write About Images in West African Textile Art 3-6 Dance, Visual Art Social Studies, Langauge Arts


Teaching Artist Course Title Grade Level Connection to
Randy Barron Integrating Dance and Science 4-8 Science
Marcia Daft Imaginary Journeys Through Sound and Movement Pre K-2 Science
Poetry and Music: Exploring Rhythm, Reading, and Writing Pre K-2 Language Arts
Poetry and Music: Reading and Writing with Fluency and Expression, Part I 3-8 Language Arts
Rosalind Flynn Dramatizing the Content: Curriculum-Based Readers Theatre 4-12 Interdisciplinary
Dramatizing the Content: Curriculum-Based Readers Theatre Online Course 3-12 Interdisciplinary
Lenore Blank Kelner Engage, Support, and Motivate English Language Learners (ELL) through Drama K-5 Language Arts
Peg Koetsch Students as Curators: Demonstrating Learning by Creating Exhibitions K-12 Interdisciplinary
Sean Layne Tiny Toy Tales:  An Integrated Storytelling Strategy K-2 Language Arts
Tableau, Part I: A Toolbox of Strategies 2-8 Interdisciplinary
Tableau Refresher 2-8 Interdisciplinary
Melanie Layne The Portrait, Pen, and Paint: Integrating Portraits into the Social Studies and Language Arts Curriculum 2-8 Language Arts and Social Studies
Looking the Write Way: Visual Art and Poetry 2-8 Language Arts


Teaching Artist Presentation Grade Level
Randy Barron Arts Integration: The Kennedy Center's Approach All
Deborah Brzoska Arts Integration: The Kennedy Center's Approach All
Karen Erickson Arts Integration: The Kennedy Center's Approach All
Lenore Blank Kelner Arts Integration: The Kennedy Center's Approach All
Judy Thibault Klevins Arts Integration: The Kennedy Center's Approach All
Melanie Layne Arts Integration: The Kennedy Center's Approach All
Sean Layne Arts Integration: The Kennedy Center's Approach All
Stuart Stotts Arts Integration: The Kennedy Center's Approach All