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New York City Ballet

The acclaimed New York City Ballet, renowned for its purity, balance, and musicality, performs three mixed repertory programs of Balanchine black and white ballets with the New York City Ballet Orchestra.

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New York City Ballet
Peter Martins, Ballet Master in Chief
with the NYCB Orchestra
"Contains enough whirring, propulsive energy to power a small town."
--The Washington Post
Balanchine Black and White Week
As the company that shaped 20th-century dance in America and continues to have a profound influence, New York City Ballet performs three mixed repertory programs featuring a definitive collection of Balanchine's "black and white" ballets, including Agon, Apollo, Concerto Barocco, Duo Concertant, Episodes, The Four Temperaments, Square Dance, Stravinsky Violin Concerto, and Symphony in Three Movements. These works represent the clean break that the choreographer and company made with the traditions of classical dance, sending NYCB in a direction filled with vitality and new discoveries. "Here was proof that ballet needn't be ornate to enthrall an audience," says the Washington Post of the company's neoclassical direction. By concentrating on the essence of movement rather than costuming and storytelling, they serve as prime examples of the bearing Balanchine had on ballet, defining the look and feel of a generation of dancers.
PRINCIPAL CASTING & TIMING (Approx. 2-1/2 hours)
Apr. 5 & 8 eves. & 10 mat.
Monumentum Pro Gesualdo (Balanchine/Stravinsky): Kowroski, Askegard (8 min.) 
Movements for Piano and Orchestra (Balanchine/Stravinsky): Kowroski, Marcovici (11 min.; Pause)
Duo Concertant (Balanchine/Stravinsky): M. Fairchild, Finlay (19 min.)
  Intermission - 20 min.
Apollo (Balanchine/Stravinsky): R. Fairchild, Hyltin, T. Peck, Scheller (31 min.)
  Intermission - 20 min.
Symphony in Three Movements  (Balanchine/Stravinsky): A. Stafford, Pereira, Lowery, J. Angle,
Ulbricht [4/5, 10], Hendrickson [4/8], Suozzi (25 min.)
Apr. 6 eve. & 9 mat.
Square Dance (Balanchine/Vivaldi, Corelli): Bouder, Stanley (25 min.)
  Intermission - 20 min.
Episodes (Balanchine/Webern): A. Stafford, Suozzi; Reichlen, la Cour; Whelan, Marcovici; Mearns,
J. Stafford (29 min.)
  Intermission - 20 min.
Stravinsky Violin Concerto (Balanchine/Stravinsky): Taylor, R. Fairchild, Kowroski, Ramasar (26 min.)
Apr. 7 & 9 eves.
Concerto Barocco (Balanchine/J.S. Bach): Kowroski, Mearns, Askegard (20 min.)
  Intermission - 20 min.
Agon (Balanchine/Stravinsky): Whelan, Marcovici, Veyette, Hankes, Laracey, Reichlen, Ramasar, Hall
  (28 min., followed by a 20-min. intermission)
The Four Temperaments (Balanchine/Hindemith): Wellington, Tworzyanski, King, Peiffer, LeCrone,
J. Peck, Garcia, Somogyi, T. Angle, la Cour, Lowery (33 min.)

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This event has already closed.

Please use the event calendar to search for current events.