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Grupo Corpo

Brazil's spectacular modern dance company performs highly visual and energetic works.

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This wildly popular dance ensemble from Minas Gerais has performed the world over-to become one of the most expressive and active representatives of the Brazilian aesthetic. The company embodies Brazil's cultural diversity by fusing elements of classical ballet and modern dance to create "a spicy, simmering stew of Brazil's African, Arabic, and European influences" (The Times, London). At the Kennedy Center, Grupo Corpo performs the ritualistic and uplifting Parabello, along with the raw and voluptuous Seven or Eight Pieces for a Ballet, featuring the hypnotic music of Philip Glass.

Este conjunto de dança extraordinariamente famoso de Minas Gerais apresentou-se no mundo inteiro-para se transformar num dos representantes mais expressivos e ativos da estética brasileira. A companhia personifica a diversidade cultural brasileira para unir os elementos do balé clássico e da dança moderna para criar "uma mescla picante e fervilhante das influências africanas, árabes e européias no Brasil" (The Times, Londres). O Grupo Corpo apresentará no Kennedy Center o ritualístico e inspirador Parabello, juntamente com as voluptuosoas e originais Sete ou Oito Peças para Balé, pondo de destaque a hipnótica música de Philip Glass.

Mãe Gentil Brasil
For 500 years, Portuguese, indigenous, and African peoples have mixed in Brazil to create a cultural richness as profound as the natural wealth of this large land. It’s a land, which its inhabitants affectionately refer to as “Gentle Mother (Mãe Gentil),” where musical, theater, and dance forms from three continents butt up against each other, creating a vibrancy and energy all its own. From this diverse mix come samba and Carnival. But beyond these icons, Brazil is vast and multifarious. There is no one Brazil, and given the impossible task of covering the entirety of its cultural expressions, we invite you to a taste of Brazil. Try something new!


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This event has already closed.

Please use the event calendar to search for current events.