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Jin Hi Kim (Jin Hi Kim)

Jin Hi Kim's Dong Dong Touching the Moons

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Touching the Moons is a new multi-disciplinary work conceived and composed by Jin Hi Kim and created in collaboration with Korean, Indian and US artists working in the fields of music, dance, multi-media art, and technology. The piece interweaves and juxtaposes traditional Asian dance and music forms with cutting-edge technology to create a truly cross-cultural work both in methodology and subject. Touching the Moons is a multi-media homage to the moon, celebrating the traditional Eastern belief of the moon as a female force that counter- balances the male energy of the sun while at the same time commemorating Western science's continuing exploration of the solar system as the "last great frontier."

The project bridges the diversity of ancient Asian traditional dance and music forms such as Indian kathak dance and Korean court-style kagok lyric singing with state-of-the-art digital imagery multi-media art, and MIDI sensors. The piece explores the theme of civilization's on-going interest in extending global existence to space, and through this exploration exposes the audience to different traditions, aesthetics and sensibilities from three countries. The result will communicate with audiences that the distinguished traditions of East and West, science and mythology, acoustics and technology, can all be used to explore the same theme.

Co-presented with The Korea Society


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This event has already closed.

Please use the event calendar to search for current events.