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Adrian Fang (Uncredited)

Adriane Fang

Grains is a work that focuses on four dancers performing throughout four scenes, all of which center on the use of lighting and organic materials to create a strong visual impact for the audience. Using a set piece that creates a continual stream of sand falling from the rafters upon the stage, this work creates the impression of the sun's passage and expands upon the concept of the hourglass to explore the subject of time. With a sound-score by Jeffrey Dorfman, the compelling music and thought-provoking imagery of the piece serves to capture the attention of the audience, also using wit and humor to provide thematic development and a connection of the shared human experience.Adriane Fang is a dancer, teacher, choreographer, and assistant professor at the University of Maryland School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies (TDPS) with a keen interest in multi-disciplinary collaboration. Recent projects include teaming up with fellow TDPS members Jared Mezzochi, Robert Denton, and J.