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Photo of Joan Sutherland (Joan Sutherland)

Joan Sutherland

(singer; born November 7, 1926, in Sydney, Australia; died October 10, 2010) Perhaps the most beautiful voice of the 20 th Century and certainly one of the great singers of all time, Joan Sutherland developed the art of the prima donna to soaring heights and gave us in the process one of the most joyful gifts the world of opera has ever known. She helped opera rediscover a long-lost world of beauty, the age of bel canto. Its meaning, beautiful singing, has never been more disarmingly, sweetly explained as when this unassuming woman sings. As her repertory grew in every direction from operatic music older still to more recent musical comedies and even duets with her neighbor Noel Coward, Sutherland's singing inspired and continues to inspire the deep affection of music lovers everywhere. In the United States, as in her native Australia, in Europe and around the world, millions have learned to love opera and love it forever after witnessing the miracle of the meeting of this musician and great music.