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China National Peking Opera Company

Founded in 1955 with the legendary Peking opera actor Mei Lanfang at its helm, the China National Peking Opera Company remains the country's leading traditional opera troupe. For several decades, the Company has devoted tremendous resourcesin restoring and preserving existing operatic gems, as well as creating new dramatic works of the highest artistic quality. The Company currently has three full-fledged opera troupes that include the nation's top Peking opera professionals. More than 500 operas have been presented by the Company, most of which have been drawn from ancient history, popular literature and folklore. Such productions as Female Generals of the Yang Family, Legend of the White Snake, Monkey King Raises Havoc in Heaven, Terrors of the Han Palace, and At the Crossroad involve up to 40 performers onstage, with an accompanying ensemble of a dozen instrumentalists.

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