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Shanghai Song and Dance Ensemble

Formed in 1979 after the Cultural Revolution, the Shanghai Song and Dance Ensemble has been one of the most prestigious companies in China, receiving international acclaim on its overseas tours to more than 30 countries. The ensemble has entranced audiences around the nation, on television, and especially in its command performances for visiting dignitaries, including Russian President Vladimir Putin. Founded with divisions that cover dance, song, and music, the Shanghai Song and Dance Ensemble focuses on ethnic dance drama, drawing on various genres to re-invent Chinese dance and speak to a broad range of audiences in a new language. Among its award-winning repertoire are full-length dance dramas that reflect Chinese folklore and historical figures (Su Wu the Patriot , General Yue Fei) and those that exhibit lavish costumes and reconstructions of courtly dances of past dynasties. Currently under the artistic directorship of Doudou Huang, who assumed the position of artistic director at the age of 23 in 2000, the Shanghai Song and Dance Ensemble made a multi-city tour of the U.

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