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Hakata Kinjishi Taiko and Hakata Koma (The Kennedy Center)

Hakata Kinjishi Taiko and Hakata Koma

Led by siblings Jyuraku and Syouraku Chikushi, Hakata Kinjishi (meaning “golden lion”) Taiko performs a style of drumming derived from music used for the Lion Dance and traditional Hakata top-spinning act.  The drumming became independent from the two acts and the Golden Lion Taiko Group was established to present this style of taiko drumming.  Playing with tops is an old form of child’s play in many countries.  In Japan, the birth of this koma art came about in a unique style with the use of a top in the performance of a series of tricks.  The origin of this top art is said to have come from the Hakata Koma and has a long history of more than 400 years and was first developed in Japan as a magnificent form of entertainment.