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Alash Ensemble (The Kennedy Center)

Alash Ensemble

Alash Ensemble, masters of Tuvan throat singing—a remarkable technique for singing multiple pitches at the same time—and traditional Tuvan instruments, infuse their songs with western elements, creating their own unique style that is fresh and new, yet true to their Tuvan musical heritage.THE TINY REPUBLIC OF TUVA is a giant when it comes to mastery of the human voice. The ancient tradition of throat singing (xöömei in Tuvan) developed among the nomadic herdsmen of Central Asia people who lived in yurts, rode horses, raised yaks, sheep and camels, and had a close spiritual relationship with nature. Passed down through the generations but largely unheard by the outside world, xöömei is now the subject of international fascination and has become Tuva’s best known export.  Tuva sits at the southern edge of Siberia, with Mongolia to its south.