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Katharine Hepburn

Katharine Hepburn (actress, born May 12, 1907, Hartford, Connecticut; died June 29, 2003) With a luminous face that has mesmerized audiences around the world for six decades and an incomparable voice that must surely be one of the most easily identifiable of any film actress, Katharine Hepburn has proven to be the most monumental and enduring star of the silver screen. Known and admired for her independence, courage, outspoken views, and fierce determination, she is first and foremost an actress who has made more than 40 feature films and numerous television movies and has appeared in more than 30 stage productions ranging from sparking comedies, to Elizabethan drama, to Broadway musicals. The second of six children, Hepburn was reared by rather unorthodox parents who granted their children complete freedom and whom Hepburn credits with all her astonishing success. "The great thing my parents gave me was not to have fear, " she says. "I was taught not to be afraid of anything.