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National Symphony Orchesra Composer Portraits - Johannes Brahms (Johannes Brahms)

Johannes Brahms

One of the big "Three B's" of the classical music world, Johannes Brahms is most widely known by modern audiences for his melodic lullaby, but his influence goes much further afield than simple children's tunes. The son of a lower middle class family, Brahms was born in Hamburg of the early 19th century; a scruffy port city filled with exotic traders and seedy traffickers alike. Although in an earlier era, it had been home to a number of fine musicians, it was, at the midpoint of the 19th century, a unseemly and unlikely a place for a future legend to arise as one might imagine. Although admittedly he was no child prodigy, he occasionally dislikened himself to the young Mozart, Brahms would tell listeners on later occasions that his father, a trained musician himself, often arranged Brahms' early concerts in the public bars of the town. Bars of that place and era doubled as houses of ill-repute; it was an entirely shocking inverse portrait of Brahms' life overlaid by evoking the measure of natural and wholesome adoration Wolfgang's father's evidenced for his child in securing him appointments to all the finest courts of Europe.

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