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Robert Schumann (Unknown)

Robert Schumann

Composer Robert Schumann was the youngest of five children born in Zwickau, Saxony to August Schumann, a local publisher and Johanna Schnabel in 1810. His musical precociousness was apparent from an early age: Schumann started piano lessons at the age of six, and by the age of eleven he entered the Lyceum at Zwickau. After the death of his father, Schumann reluctantly bent to his mother's will and entered into die Universität von Dresden to study law. However, much to his mother's chagrin, he failed to pursue his studies or career with any zeal, preferring instead to spend his years at university engaged in musical and literary activities - composing, performing, writing musical critiques were among his favorites. Having fallen in love with his daughter, Schumann moved into the household of Frederick Wieck under the condition that he was to seriously apply himself to the study of musical theory as well as piano.