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Dr. Billy Taylor (uncredited)

Dr. Billy Taylor

Dr. Billy Taylor, (Born July 24, 1921, Greenville, NC; died December 28, 2010, New York, NY) was the distinguished ambassador from the world of jazz to the world at large, served as the Kennedy Center's Artistic Director for Jazz since 1994. Ongoing concert series that Dr. Taylor developed for the Center include the "Art Tatum Piano Panorama" named after Dr. Taylor's mentor, and "Louis Armstrong Legacy Vocalists.

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A people made success

Dave Brubeck tells the story of how the album Time Out came to be released and the record label’s initial reaction to the platinum selling album.

An "easy laugh"

Brubeck recounts the story about a piece of music he wrote for an “easy laugh” but was the musician’s effort to make a statement about segregation.

A musical education in the Capital

Billy Taylor describes the jazz scene in Washington D.C. and his trips to the Howard Theater as a teenager.

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