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Photo of Pierre-Laurent Aimard

Pierre-Laurent Aimard

The temptation to pigeonhole artists can be hard to resist. Throughout Pierre-Laurent Aimard's unique career there are landmarks which might initially invite such a labelling: winning first prize in the 1973 Messiaen Competition and his association with that composer's music ever since; being appointed at the age of just 19 by Pierre Boulez to become the Ensemble InterContemporain's solo pianist; Aimard's extremely close collaboration, since the mid-1980s, with Gyorgi Ligeti, including being chosen by the great composer to record his complete works, and being the dedicatee of several of his Etudes. Pierre-Laurent Aimard is without doubt a key figure in the new music world. But it has always been a driving force in Aimard's professional musical life to explore as broad a range as possible of music from different ages and sources. He continually strives to illuminate the importance of historical, musical and cultural contexts as well as influences between composers both within and between generations and centuries.

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