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Barbara Cook (Photo by Denise Winters)

Barbara Cook

(Singer; born October 25, 1927, in Atlanta, Georgia) Her voice is drenched in sunshine, and for more than half a century her singing has defined all that is best and brightest in the Great American Songbook. "Barbara Cook is the greatest singer in the world," wrote Alastair Macaulay in the Financial Times, succinctly adding one more voice of praise to the jubilant chorus that has accompanied her brilliant career. "In whatever she sings," wrote Stephen Holden in The New York Times, "you sense a lifetime's experience being addressed from a perspective that is still capable of wonder and a determined innocence." The innocence is in the sound and, uniquely, so is the experience. Once Broadway's favorite ingénue and a working legend today, she can bring grandeur and a sense of occasion to the simplest musical gestures, but she also can turn the grandest of spaces into the most intimate cabaret.

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Barbara Cook: Emotional connections at a performance

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