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Jerry Herman (Greg Gorman)

Jerry Herman

(Composer and lyricist; born July 10, 1931, in New York City)It only takes a moment to realize that Broadway's Golden Age is alive and well and thriving as long as Jerry Herman's around. "When they passed out talent," the legendary Carol Channing has said, "Jerry stood in line twice."Almost single-handedly, the creator of Milk and Honey, Hello, Dolly!, Mame, La Cage aux Folles and so much more has revitalized and nourished the all-American tradition of great and unstoppable show tunes. His music and lyrics have kept audiences tapping their feet, humming along, and wiping their eyes with tears of joy for generations. Even as often he's been underrated as being too easy to like in a world of dark and foreboding musicals, too entertaining, too tuneful and much too upbeat, the genius of Herman's deceptively simple songs cuts through any shortsighted criticism.

Video and Audio

Broadway Up Close and Personal: Celebrating Jerry Herman (Full Length)

The Explore the Arts Broadway: Up Close and Personal series continues with ASCAP's Michael Kerker interviewing Broadway legend Jerry Herman and illuminating a lifetime of stories and songs filled with wit and charm.

Broadway Up Close and Personal: Celebrating Jerry Herman Part 1 of 7

Jerry Herman Beginnings: Jerry Herman talks about early influences on his career from his parents to Frank Loesser to the University of Miami.

Broadway Up Close and Personal: Celebrating Jerry Herman Part 2 of 7

Off Broadway to Milk and Honey: Herman discusses his journey from Off-Broadway to Broadway. Ron Raines performs "Shalom" from Milk and Honey, Herman's first Broadway hit.

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