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About the Company
Photo of the Lyon Opera Ballet
Over the last 15 years the Lyon Opera Ballet has built up a contemporary dance repertoire with a large number of pieces in a wide variety of styles, commissioning works from young choreographers, and performing pieces by major modern choreographers. Some of the new productions of the great classics have toured the world, such as Cinderella and Coppelia by Maguy Marin, and Romeo and Juliet from Angelin Preljocaj. The company’s repertoire includes many American choreographers: Trisha Brown, Bill T. Jones, Ralph Lemon, Karole Armitage, Lucinda Childs, Susan Marshall, Stephen Petronio, to name but a few. It also includes French and European choreographers such as Jean-Claude Gallotta, Dominique Bagouet, Stéphanie Aubin, Hervé Robbe, Lionel Hoche, Joachim Schlömer, and Tero Saarinen, and not forgetting some of the most beautiful pieces by Jiri Kylian, Mats Ek, William Forsythe, Nacho Duato and Ohad Naharin.

With a worldwide reputation for the high quality of its dancers, the Lyon Opera Ballet is also famous for its artistic policy and its touring policy. Yorgos Loukos, director of the company since 1988, has established just the right balance between major pieces from the contemporary repertoire and the creation of new pieces. In February 1998 he devoted an entire evening to Jiri Kylian, including amongst others the unforgettable Petite Mort. In June 1998 he brought two very beautiful pieces by Mats Ek into the repertoire, Solo for Two and Carmen. The 1998-1999 season was devoted to creation and risk, with 8 new pieces, including 7 international creations, 3 of which were commissioned from members of the company. No-one could forget the magic of Meryl Tankard’s Bolero (December 1998), or the daring of Frédéric Flamand in his EJM 2 (September 1998), or the poetry of Saarinen’s Gaspard (February 1999). Yorgos Loukos then returned to the contemporary repertoire with, at the end of February 2000, Quartette by William Forsythe, and Trisha Brown’s Newark, whose introduction into the repertoire represents an achievement for the Lyon Opera Ballet. The 2000-2001 season has seen the entry of two pieces from Ohad Naharin into the repertoire, Tabula rasa and Black Milk, and from Nacho Duato, Remansos and Without Words, as well as two new creations, one from the young choreographer Pascal Touzeau, Final Lecture, and the other Sini from Tero Saarinen.

In December 2001, the Lyon Opera Ballet presented a new production of the Nutcracker by Dominique Boivin, and in March 2002 an evening of previously unknown material, including Trisha Brown’s piece Astral Converted, Un ballo from Jiri Kylian and a new creation by the American choreographer John Jasperse. To end the season, Yorgos Loukos is presenting an original programme to the public, Service à tous les étages, with the Opera Ballet and other companies (Maguy Marin, Tero Saarinen, Lionel Hoche, Boris Charmatz, and others), on the stage of the Lyon Opera, at the Amphitheatre, and in the rehearsal rooms which are not normally open to the public, with pieces ranging from solos to large choreographic ensembles.

The Lyon Opera Ballet entered the international scene in 1987 with Cinderella, and since then has toured worldwide with unfailing success.

The Lyon National Opera Ballet is supported by the Regional Council of the Rhône area, and for some of its tours by the AFAA, Association Française d'Action Artistique (Cultural and artistic association) - Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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Yourgos Loukos - Artistic Director