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photo of Robert Redford

Robert Redford

Robert Redford (actor, director, producer; born in Santa Monica, CA, August 18, 1937) Robert Redford has a career that could fill three normal lives. He is an actor praised early on for his work on the stage and in television and then for four decades' worth of fine performances in films. He is a director and producer of acclaimed motion pictures. He is also an intensely committed champion of independent film. Through his founding and unflagging support of the Sundance Institute, the Sundance Film Festival, the Sundance Channel, and a nationwide chain of Sundance movie theaters, Robert Redford has fostered a generation of independent American filmmakers A screen actor at the top of his career in 1980, Robert Redford felt it was time to give something back to the film business and so he founded the Sundance Institute, a multi-disciplinary arts organization dedicated to the development of artists of independent vision and to the exhibition of their new work.