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Tehreema Mitha (Uncredited)

Tehreema Mitha

Artistic Director Tehreema Mitha, originally from Pakistan, has been choreographing and performing professionally for over 22 years. She brings a repertoire of more than sixty dances to Tehreema Mitha Dance Company, a pioneering South Asian American dance company known for its signature presentations and unique style. The company's programs include dances from the classical repertoire, moving fluidly into the classical/contemporary, and onto contemporary dances. Mitha believes that seeing all three styles on the stage in the same evening shows the progression of a generation in sync with the world of today yet unwilling to leave its roots behind--forging ahead without losing its identity. Tehreema Mitha Dance Company's dancing is athletic, intricate, and dramatic--at times intensely emotional, at other times humorous, and accompanying music is especially composed and produced for each piece, as are the costumes.


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