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Tristan Murail

A French composer born on March 11, 1947 in Le Havre, Tristan Murail received degrees in classical Arabic and Maghrib Arabic from the National School of Living Oriental Languages as well as a bachelor's degree in economic science and a degree from the Paris Institute of Political Studies. He entered Olivier Messiaen's class at the Paris Conservatory in 1967, and studied ondes Martenot with Jeanne Loriod (Messiaen's sister-in-law) and Maurice Martenot himself. In 1971 received a first prize in composition, and that same year, was awarded the Rome Prize and spent two years at the Villa Médicis. During his formative years, he was inspired by aesthetics that sought to create global movements of masses, volumes or sonic textures, as well as electronic music: including works by Iannis Xenakis, Giacinto Scelsi and above all György Ligeti.After returning to Paris in 1973, he joined his colleagues Michaël Lévinas and Roger Tessier, in founding the musical collective L'Itinéraire , which became a valuable laboratory for his research in the domain of instrumental composition, the use of live electronics, and computer assisted composition.