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Melody Gardot (uncredited)

Melody Gardot

With her debut album Worrisome Heart, Melody Gardot displayed her instinctive gift for transforming the traditions of jazz and blues with her "personal kiss of life." But even her most ardent admirers will be amazed at the giant creative leap forward she has taken with the follow-up, My One and Only Thrill. Mixing Latin rhythms, finger-snapping blues, and deep, smoldering torch songs, it's an album that seems to have been shaped from several lifetimes of love, loss, and longing. Though Gardot is still only in her early twenties, the rapturous reception accorded to Worrisome Heart by fans and critics meant that she suddenly found her life moving at triple speed, as she and her band bounced among gigs, hotels, and airports as demand blossomed across several continents. Despite her exacting schedule, she made sure that her plans for My One and Only Thrill were painstakingly laid.